Maxine Patterson School of Dance

   2212 Lincoln Street 
     Savannah, GA 31401    



Dance Class Etiquette



* Arrive for class early to stretch independently.


* Inform instructor of any injuries that prevent you from dancing full out       during class time.  



* Be on time. Punctuality is paramount to your success in a class.

  If you arrive late you must ask permission to enter the class. Once     permission is granted you must assume an open position at the barre to   stretch and warm up.


*Adhere to the dress code.


*Be quiet during class.


*Listen and try to apply every specific and general correction during class time.

 Individual corrections are positive attention from the instructor so no matter how frustrated you may become, immediately try to apply the correction so the instructor may give additional guidance.


*Remain in your role as a student during class time.  No matter how comfortable you feel with your classmates, do not offer corrections to them. 


*No gum/candy, food or drinks allowed in any class.  Snacks are allowed for before or after class, but please, NO meals are to be eaten in the studio.


*Mirrors are not to be touched at any time.


*Drink water and use restroom before class.


*Focus on your dancing.


*Cell phones are not allowed in class. We are not responsible for cell phone loss.   They will be taken away if seen.  We have a phone which students may use.


Following these basic rules of classroom etiquette will help maximize the dancer's artistic growth during class.


Studio Policies


* Smoking is not permitted in the studio or outside on our property.


* Please remain quiet in the studio in order to maintain a disciplined environment.


* There will be no observing of classes unless approved by Mrs. Patterson.


* Visitors will be welcome during last week of classes before Winter Break.


* If class is cancelled due to weather or an emergency, a make-up class will be

 scheduled.  Please check website for updates.  Make-up classes are allowed because of illness, but you must call to arrange for time and day.


* Dancers must remain in the studio after their class is dismissed.

  No dancer will be allowed outside the studio unless their parent/guardian is present to pick them up from class.

* There will be a fee of $5 per 15 minutes or any part of 15 minutes that a   parent  is late picking up a child.  Please make sure to pick your child up on  time, don't use the dance studio as a day-care center.